Dental Implants

In-House Dental Implants – Restore Your Lovely Smile!

Teeth can go missing for many reasons. Whether your teeth have been knocked out or they’ve gone missing due to decay or neglect, there’s hope that they can be restored. Dental restoration comes in all shapes and sizes.

Dental Replacement Options

Dentures are one of the most common dental replacement options. You can choose partial dentures or full dentures depending on how many teeth you’re missing. Dentures are usually removable and can be worn all day, every day, even while you eat and drink! Dental bridges are another way to fill in any gaps in your smile. These are false teeth that are held in place by your remaining and surrounding natural teeth. They are customizable and look and act just like your natural teeth.

Dental Implants

At SOZO Dentistry, we offer a more permanent option. Dental implants are a great dental replacement choice for those who desire something that is permanent. Implants are placed directly into your jaw or skull bones so they function just like your teeth. They can keep your oral bones strong and healthy and can even keep gum disease away. The procedure doesn’t take long and is very effective. The process takes roughly three months and we do everything in our office, from start to finish. Once the implants are complete they can last a lifetime.

How to Care For Your Dental Implants

Just because you’re implants are false teeth doesn’t mean you can neglect your oral care. You should continue to brush and floss regularly as well as watch what you eat. It’s especially effective to clean your teeth after meals.

Leaving your teeth missing for too long is more than just a cosmetic issue, it can cause oral health problems if left unattended to for long periods of time. If you’d like to take action and do something about the teeth that you’re missing, then give us a call today and schedule a consultation!